Friday, November 28, 2014

Written task

The media nowadays:

   In our second part of the English course we discussed about the media and how it affects society. We learned to critically think about the information we get and to analyse news, detecting every type of bias in them. My written task is a speech about how are we controlled by the media and the power of the information we receive everyday. The purpose is to motivate the audience to stop believing everything we watch or listen to is true and it is adressed to everyone interested in society nowadays.
   In class we also studied stereotypes so they play an important role in the speech. Language and its power are included too as the base of the brainwashing in propagandas, the news, and other types of text we studied in our English course. I also related some actual problems of the world with the media and proganda to create a bad image of all these massive messages in the media.
   To get the audience I frequently asked questions to the public forcing them to think and be reflexive in the subject. I also used metaphores, examples to support the ideas in the speech and a very extravagant language to decribe how are we affected by all these things.
   The message and its purpose is very clear, it is an invitation to think critically and I emphasise the idea that we are the solution to all these problems, so the audience starts thinking that the solutions are in fact in our hands.


 Society is like a building, every floor is supported by the ones below. The question is, in which floor are we? We probably belong to the first three ones supporting everything above, because we are like puppets and we are not even conscious of this! Our brains are washed every day in such a delicate way that it becomes the most aggressive psychological attack in the history of humanity. And I am speaking about the media, about the few men that control the world. These men decide almost everything, and today, my friends, I invite you to wake up, to open your eyes, because if we remove the base of the building the whole system collapses.
   The massive amount of information we receive from the media every day is full of lies and omissions, and the weirdest part is that sometimes we consider it as true! They tell us what to think, what to know, what to trust, what to do...Manipulated and distorted information in our TVs, radios, in our newspapers, in the Internet, everywhere!
   I will give you a clear example of long-term brain washing, stereotypes. Most of the general differences we see between men and women are because of how are they portrayed in media. Hey you! Buy this car! Sexy women will love you if you buy it! Come on people, we are more than a piece of metal. Do you really like the idea of believing and caring about what the media wants? Do you like the idea of seeing a person as these mind controllers tell you?  Lets see things how they really are, prejudices are nonsense. The media is never going to stop so we are the ones who have to make the change.
   The power of language is limitless, persuading people noways is so easy. Let me ask you something, how many of the things you buy are because you really need them? Probably not even a half of them, advertising is everywhere. We will find ads wherever we go, we are surrounded by them in the streets, on the walls, on a bus, on buildings. The evil idea of forcing us to think that we need what we don't is a cruel plan that creates necessities to motivate consumerism. It is very easy to fall in advertising, because of the way ideas are interwoven, be aware of the power of language. Think! Every time you want to buy something because it's cool, you are falling in the trap because you are doing what they want you to do.
   The few behind the media know that millions of people will watch or read what they transmit. So be careful, the information you receive is the manipulated and distorted information they want these millions of people to believe. Even the source you think is the most reliable, is biased. Because they want us to think like they do. Language can be used in such a way, sometimes we don't even notice that we are reading only one side of the coin. They use sensationalism to attract us to the headlines they want us to be interested in.

   This world is full of problems, but somehow most of the time we are blinded to them. We consider some insignificant things as the main issues, but why? Of course, the media. They hide the truth! They cover it with whatever that can keep our minds busy. Violence and tragedies are shown every day in Television to make us think those are the world's biggest problems, while there are millions of people dying because they have nothing to eat. They use sensationalism to attract us to the headlines they want us to be interested in.

   In 1983, the New York City tabloid did a great job creating one of the most famous headlines until today. In the front page it appeared with such an attractive language that it was almost impossible not to be interested in it. "Headless body in topless bar", so famous that in 1995 a movie by the director James Bruce was inspired by it and named as the headline. Very important news? More like a very showy one, a clear example of sensationalism in the media.

   Ask yourselves, how many hours do you spend watching TV everyday? Or in the Internet? Probably a lot, and there is nothing we can do about it, I am not going to tell you turn off your TV!, but we must know how to receive and process the information correctly without playing their game, where we are just pawns.
   As technology advances, everyone has access to information, so almost every single person we know is supposedly informed. But  this is used as an advantage to the ones who inform, they manipulate easily, using the language to wash our brains and tell us what and how to think. This is the media nowadays, and it is probably not changing.

    The power we gave to them is enough to spread their manipulated information all over the world, and as they are not stopping, we are the ones that can make the difference. This is the system we are living in. Think about the idea of a few men and conspiracies controlling our minds. Think widely. Think critically. Let everyone know that we are living like they want us to live.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Speech The Social Network

  Truly happiness vs success and ambition, by Mark Zuckerberg

 There are so many theories that try to explain how and why are we here, in Earth. Because we all have things in common, we are human beings and we share a planet.. The question is what do we want from life? What is our goal in life? Why do we grab life?
   Almost everyone wants to be happy, because happiness is what we want to achieve, that is why we always want to live. What is the point of living if we do not enjoy living, but sometimes it seems like it is very easy to confuse happiness with success. Think about it.
   Brainwashing is real, the system we are living in, the media, is money everything? All these things are forcing us to lose the direction, because we sacrifice a lot to get what we want, but we lose everything we can not get from success. 
   I made a huge mistake recently, I had a dream and I did not do it for money, I lost my north. I really thought this idea would make me feel fulfilled, but something was missing. I betrayed my only friend in order to turn my dreams into reality, he was the only person who walked beside me no matter what. I succeed with my project, but in this moment I feel like the most unhappy person in the world.
  Sometimes is money, or power, but is that what we live for? The main problems of this planet are due to ambition; power corrupts people and they start living to make money, leaving everything else aside.
   After the mistake I made, I really doubt I will be able to fill fulfilled, so I have been thinking a lot and environmental issues, social problems, famine, poverty; ambition is responsible for all of these global problems. As I said before, now a days people tend to lose direction and try to buy happiness so then consumerism appears. Buy and buy and buy to be "happy" while in other part of the world someone is dying because he has nothing. This massive amount of things people buy have to be produced, so capitalism appears.
   This massive amount of factories and industries are forcing the planet to die. People are seen like producing machines and this is not stopping until we open our eyes and realize what is really important in life. Family, friends, caring about people around you. In our last days we will ask ourselves, what have I done in my life?, Did I achieve happiness? Do not wait until then or until you make a huge mistake as I did to realize what is really important and what is not.
   There will be always ambition in this world, but you can make the difference, spread the word, spread ideas, do not fall in the system. You, have the tools to be powerful people in the future, use it wisely. Get only what you need to live, help each other as human beings and above all thing be happy.
    Thank you.

Monday, May 5, 2014

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Letter to Shea

Dear Shea:
   What I am going to write in this letter is not a threat or an obligation, is a moral advice that will help society and you as a person. I would tell you that you must leave your job if it were illegal, but it is worse than that, you are damaging people and society without being punished. You cover the terrible truth behind your euphemisms watching how society is more blind every day. War is a serius thing and should be communicated as terrible as it is, otherwise war could be consider as something normal without the real impact that it has. In honor of the people who dies in the fields do not hide their reality. There is an endless amount of jobs to help us progress, so why would you like to lie and hide the truth instead of helping? Please, you should really consider leaving your job, of course it is not an obligation, but if you insist from now keep in your mind that every time you see extreme ignorance and lack of information, you are one of the main causes. if some day war becomes a normal issue, the possible colossal consequences will be partially your fault. Remember, information is a right.

                                                                   Aldous Huxley.

Friday, March 7, 2014

8 tips task

1) In this part of the letter there where to many clauses at the beginning so they joined all the clauses in one

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fatelessness writing task

   Fatelessness has a very important message, but did the author thought in the real message he was transmiting when he was writing the novel?
We may think that when Imre Kertesz wrote fatelessness he never considered the real message that the book has, because the vision of the holocaust we have today, is very different compared with the one we had in the times the novel was written. But in the interview we saw, the author said that when he wrote the story, he knew what he was writing.
    The message in the novel is the defense of the human rights, seriously violated in fatelessnes; and the idea of not repeting the mistakes the humanity did in the past, like the idea of the ideal race of Hitler. Different perople around the world may get message in a different way, but is the same and the author knew what he was transmiting when he wrote the novel.

2.- We see the novel fatelessness as very explicit, and as easy to get the main idea, and although the are a little bit hidden, we think we can get them easily and this can be percieved as an advantage because it is easier to get. But the story involves global cultural issues we rarely percieve, so did we understand the real thing Imre Kertesz wanted us to get.
     That is why we could see this as a disadvantage, everybody wants to be informed of what is happening around us, but when we can not get that because the real message is to hard to understand, it becomes a disadvantage for us. It is also a disadvantage that the novel presents itself as another Holocaust story, because it makes us think that we get the message and point of view expressed in the novel, when maybe it is not true.

3.-   In the novel fatelessness the narratives techniques used force us to put in the main characters place, and the point of view of gyuri changes in the story keeps going on. At the beggining is very naive and full of hope, and it ends in a completely fateless and the difference between the beggining of the story of the end is a very useful technique to make us realize the real effect the Holocaust had in the kid. 
  In this sense the author is very creative to seduce the readers and make the story easier to get. Emotionally speaking, the way it affects our minds, is the result of the creativity of the author and the contrast of the beggining and the end of the story and the new way the main character stars seeing life.

4.- The main theme in fatelessness is the Holocaust, so to unserstant the ideas, it is almost necessary to know what all this is about. We may understand the story in general, but just like in a lot of novels, having context is very important. Without history knowledge of the Second World War, a lot of things that are directly related with this in the story could not be understood by most of the readers. Names, cultures, places that we need to get order to understand what the author wants us to get.
    Of course it is possible to understand the story without the Holocaust and its atrocities, but in that case the reader is not getting the real message of the novel Fatelessness.